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ZORYA SECURITY PRINTING is the unique provider of government IT solutions (national databases, e-signature), trace & track systems and the largest private producer of secured documents (IDs, tax stamps, certificates, diplomas etc) in Ukraine and abroad.

Zorya Security Printing is solid partner of Governmental agencies providing solutions for:

1. Increase of budget revenues
2. Public administration & e-Government – electronic document management, provision of public services
3. Internal market protection from smuggling, counterfeit & sub-quality products
4. Counteraction to fraud & criminal activities

Governmental Agencies profit from our solutions:
1. Complex IT solutions:
- e.g. Electronic signatures, Civil Status Acts Register, Property Rights Register, Companies Register, Register of Notarial Services, Inheritance Register etc.
2. ID solutions (Passports, ID cards, Refugee card, Residence Permit, Seaman’s passport), including design & delivery of solutions for organization of ID issuing, supply of ID documents (MRTD/MRP and electronic passports, ID cards), personalization equipment and software applications.
3. Plastic & smart cards (driving licenses, vehicle registration, voters ID, gun licenses, ministry ID, military ID)
4. Secure printed documents (Security documents):
- visa labels, ballot papers, driving licenses, vehicle registration certificates, civil status acts certificates, ownership certificates, licenses, notary forms, power of attorneys, diplomas, company registration certificates, judgment forms, medical forms and prescriptions, cheques, parking tickets, endorsements, grain bills, quality and conformity certificates.
5. Integrated Track & Trace systems to protect national market from counterfeited & smuggled goods:
- Software applications for track & trace of the goods;
- Secure tax stamps (excise stamps, control stamps);
- Direct on-product marking systems (for tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, medicines and other accountable/excise goods). 
6. Animal ID solution:
- Animal Register;
- Plastic ear tags with unique number and barcode as animal identification device;
- Animal passports, Veterinary cards, pedigree certificates, register extracts etc.

Business Customers enhance their business with our products:
1. Brand protection track & trace solution Amulett™:
- Solution helps to increase sales via combating with counterfeit/smuggled goods and increasing customers loyalty. AmulettTM is used to protect medicines and veterinary drugs, electronics, automotive spare parts, fragrances, household and agricultural chemicals, pet food, seeds.
2. Plastic & smart cards (fuel cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, insurance card, health card, parking card or parking permit, membership cards, transportation cards, students ID).
3. Secure printed documents (Quality and Conformity certificates, diplomas, fuel vouchers, lotteries, parking permits, insurance certificates).
4. Plastic Badges for VIP events (conferences/exhibitions):
- Our badges are secure as badges for President inauguration ceremony in US. 
5. Packaging:
- Variety of cardboard packaging with security features.

The world of security printing is diversified and Zorya Security Printing is able to extend your horizons. Contact us!

International certifications: CWA 14641 (High Security Level), ISO 9001, ISO 14001.